About IELTS Zoom Online Classes


  • The Zoom Class is held at exactly the same time as the face-to-face classes in Singapore (i.e. Saturday 1-5pm OR Sunday 6-10pm, Singapore/Perth Time) [see below for more details].
  • The Class teaching would be conveyed live through Zoom.
  • The 250+ Pages of Materials (Notes, Templates, etc.) will be given in PDF format (which can be printed).
  • The 20+ Hours of Additional Teaching Videos and 20+ Hours of Homework will be given to students after each class ends.
  • The cost of the whole class package is A$600.

Class Schedule (Face-To-Face & Zoom)

A recent class on 10th October 2021

  • Jonathan teaches in a classroom every Saturday 1pm to 5pm & Sunday 6pm to 10pm (Singapore/Perth Time)
  • The same thing is taught on both days - so you only need to attend either the Saturday or Sunday Zoom class.
  • Each weekend, Jonathan focuses on one component / skill.
  • The class package consists of 4 classes over 4 weekends - when all 4 different skills would be taught
  • Students can start on any weekend.
  • Free makeup classes would be given for missed classes.


Class Teaching

8th Jan (Sat) 1-5pm OR

9th Jan (Sun) 6-10pm

IELTS Reading

15th Jan (Sat) 1-5pm OR

16th Jan (Sun) 6-10pm

IELTS Listening

22nd Jan (Sat) 1-5pm OR

23rd Jan (Sun) 6-10pm

IELTS Speaking

29th Jan (Sat) 1-5pm OR

30th Jan (Sun) 6-10pm

IELTS Writing

5th Feb (Sat) 1-5pm OR

6th Feb (Sun) 6-10pm

IELTS Reading

12th Feb (Sat) 1-5pm OR

13th Feb (Sun) 6-10pm

IELTS Listening

19th Feb (Sat) 1-5pm OR

20th Feb (Sun) 6-10pm

IELTS Speaking

26th Feb (Sat) 1-5pm OR

27th Feb (Sun) 6-10pm

IELTS Writing

There's flexibility in the schedule

  • Students can start any weekend. They just need to complete 4 weekends in a row to get the teachings on all 4 components / skills.
  • Students can choose if they want to take the Saturday or Sunday classes - I teach the same thing on both days. They are also able to change days last minute - they just need to let me know.
  • If a student can't make it for both the Saturday and Sunday class for a particular weekend, they can do a makeup class for free - the same component / skill will be taught again in 4 weeks' time.

A Video About Jonathan's IELTS Class

In the above video, after talking about my IELTS classes, I also answer these 12 most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about my IELTS classes:

1) Why do so many people fail the IELTS exam? (20:17)
2) Can I take the IELTS exam without attending IELTS classes? (31:37)
3) What's so unique about Jonathan's IELTS classes? (33:09)
4) Are 4 classes enough to pass IELTS? (40:31)
5) Can I repeat your class for free if I fail the exam? (43:03)
6) Can you guarantee that I will pass the IELTS exam? (44:40)
7) Should I register for the IELTS exam before or after attending your IELTS class? (45:46)
8) My English is very poor so I want to study by myself first and then take your class. Is this a good plan? (49:20)
9) When's the best time to start your classes? Now or in a few months' time? (50:42)
10) How long does it take for me to get IELTS 7.0? (56:35)
11) Can I still contact you after the classes end? (57:33)
12) I can't attend your weekend classes. What can I do? (57:55)

To get directly to the response to any of the above 12 questions, you can watch the above video on YouTube (click on the above Video to go to YouTube), check the Description and click on the Timestamps provided.

Steps To Register For The IELTS Zoom Class



WhatsApp Jonathan at +61 493 279 639 to book a slot. If you're on your mobile, tap the "Tap to WhatsApp" on top of this page or click the "WhatsApp Jonathan Now" button below.



Jonathan will give you a link to either pay through

  1. Paypal or
  2. a Credit or Debit Card.

The cost is A$600.



Once the payment is done, some pre-class homework will be given and also links to the Class Materials (PDF Notes & Additional Teaching Videos) and the Zoom Class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I Pass My IELTS Exam After Attending Your Class?

No teacher or school can guarantee that you'll pass your IELTS exam after attending their classes. (If anyone tells you that, run away quickly because they are not telling you the truth!) I can't guarantee you will get any score. I can only do my part and teach as best as I can. In addition to attending my IELTS classes, you also need to put in a lot of hard work and watch the additional teaching videos and do the homework.

To know the quality of my IELTS teachings and materials, you can visit the following webpages:

If I Can't Make The Weekend Class Timings, But Want To Attend Your Class, What Can Be Done?

You can still purchase the Class Recordings and all the additional materials that go along with it. Just WhatsApp Jonathan at +61 493 279 639 to talk more about this.

If I Can't Make One Of The Classes At The Last Minute, Can I Do A Makeup Class?

Yes, you can either do the makeup class on the same weekend (e.g. if you can't make the Saturday class, you can take the Sunday class) or you can do the makeup class when the same class repeats itself again in 4 weekends' time.

When Should I Book My IELTS Exam?

I always recommend that my students don't book the IELTS exam yet. Most students are not ready. 60-80% of people who take the IELTS exam actually fail on their first try and thus waste a lot of money. In fact, many people fail more than just once. The reason they fail is that they are not sufficiently prepared.

My advice is that you should start your IELTS classes as soon as you can. Once you take my IELTS classes, you will know how difficult it is to get your target IELTS score. You will also roughly know when you'd be ready. You can WhatsApp Jonathan at +61 493 279 639 to discuss more.

I Live In ---- City In Australia/New Zealand. What Time Is Your Class?

Jonathan teaches on Saturday 1pm to 5pm and Sunday 6pm to 10pm (Singapore Time). This is the same time as in Perth (Western Australia). Here are the other timezones:

  • Northern Territory (Alice Springs, Darwin): add 1.5 hours
  • South Australia (Adelaide): add 2.5 hours during daylight saving
  • Queensland (Brisbane, Cairns): add 2 hours
  • NSW (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), ACT (Canberra) & Tasmania (Hobart): add 3 hours during daylight saving
  • New Zealand (all cities): add 5 hours during daylight saving

Contact Jonathan Now

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