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Why Take Jonathan's IELTS Preparation Class?

Proven Results (430+ Passes)

Every student wants to pass the IELTS exam. That's why you come to IELTS preparation classes. Jonathan has helped over 430+ students pass their IELTS.

10+ Year IELTS Specialist

Jonathan has spent the last 10+ years specializing in helping students pass their IELTS exam. Because of his decision to teach only IELTS preparation, he's been able to create extremely effective IELTS teaching materials.

Discounted Price (25% Off) During COVID-19

Currently, because of the Covid-19 situation, the cost of the Zoom class has been reduced from A$600 to only A$450 for the full IELTS Preparation Zoom package.

Unique Teaching Materials

Jonathan is known throughout the world for his IELTS Writing Templates which has helped hundreds of students improve their IELTS Writing score. He's also developed other unique strategies to help students improve their IELTS score.

about jonathan

Born: Singapore.
Lived: Brisbane, Perth, Sydney & Toronto.
Taught IELTS: Singapore & Australia.

Jonathan has lived most of his life in Singapore and Australia, having gone through part of his K-12 education in Brisbane, gotten his Bachelor degree from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney and his University of Cambridge CELTA (the most highly regarded English Language teaching qualification in the world) in Perth. He is also almost halfway through his Master of Education (English Teaching) from an Australian University.

His family lives in both Sydney and Singapore. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, he's been teaching IELTS in Singapore, conducting face-to-face and online Zoom classes. His IELTS classes in Singapore is the IELTS preparation course of choice for many immigration consultants in Singapore and throughout the world as he's helped many of their clients pass the IELTS exam. He has also taught and collaborated with IDP Education (one of the co-owners of the IELTS organization) in Singapore.

Jonathan has been teaching IELTS since 2011.

Did You Know??

60% to 80% Of People

Who Take The IELTS Exam

Fail On Their First Try!

Jonathan's IELTS Teaching approach

Unique Teaching Strategies & Materials

Having taught IELTS for over 10 years, Jonathan has developed his own unique teaching strategies and materials.

A foundational belief of his class is that doing well in IELTS will not result from taking mock or practice tests over and over again, which happens to be the main preparation method for most students. That is the reason why 60%-80% of people who take the IELTS exam fail on their first try. They were not fully prepared as they spent their time preparing wrongly!

Doing well in IELTS requires you to 1) adopt certain strategies to improve before the exam and 2) apply certain tips and strategies during the actual exam.

Jonathan's IELTS materials include his unique Level 3 IELTS Essay Templates, which have helped hundreds of his students pass their IELTS Writing, many of whom failed their Writing a few times before attending his Class.


Check what Jonathan's students have said about his teachings

Jonathan has developed his own techniques and strategies. I failed IELTS Writing 15 times, but passed after his class. Jonathan's class is the cheapest and best!


Choosing Jonathan's IELTS class was the best decision for achieving my desired score. I failed my Writing (6.0), but got 7.0 after his IELTS class. His method taught was perfect!


After taking Jonathan's IELTS classes, my scores exceeded my expectations. Jonathan's program efficiency is in its very clear and systemized structure. Thank you Jonathan.


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